How to feed Seven people with just $3.35

How to feed Seven people with just $3.35 is the first video uploaded by Auntie Fee on YouTube. The video was uploaded on 30 July, 2014 and is 5:07 long.


Auntie Fee shows the viewer how to make Maruchan Ramen Noodles.


  • Oil
  • Maruchan Ramen Noodles Beef
  • Water
  • Ground Steak
  • Dried Parsley
  • Cheese
  • Hot Sauce (optional)

Cooking Time: 5 minutes


Get a skillet and coat it with oil. Break up the package(s) of noodles and pour into the skillet; put flavor package off to the side. Allow the noodles to brown for about two minutes. Pour enough water into the skillet to cover the noodles. Pour in the ground steak and dried parsley. Put in the flavor package(s) that came with the Ramen Noodles. Add cheese and hot sauce. Reduce the soup. The soup is done when there is no excess water.

Video TranscriptEdit

[Auntie Fee] "Okay, this is a - I'm talking to you now, okay? - This is a $3.35 meal that's gonna feed seven people. Might, if you want to use some more. But now, I broke these bags up, I - motherfucker, do you have it on the shit? Okay, fuck me, okay? Goddamn. Okay, put them in there with a little grease, not the bags though, with a little grease. And then keep it on there, and then you're gonna brown it. You watching it?"

[Camera man] "Yes ma'am."

[Auntie Fee] "Okay. Cause you're gonna get some of this for doing this, okay. We broke them up, keep it there. Cause these people don't know half the shit, so they gotta know. We'll brown this real fast. The skillet is on high, cause I told them it was gonna take no less than fifteen minutes to do this, okay? And this costs $3.35, but you use more soups to feed more people, but I'm gonna show you. This look like it ain't nothing, but that other video went viral I think. These son-of-a-guns, they don't know. They don't believe you can feed seven people with $3.35, and I'm gonna show you that you can. Okay, you brown this. This was just some Top Ramen soup. They was ten for a dollar. So I'm only using ten so how much money is that?"

[Camera man] "One dollar."

[Auntie Fee] "No, nigga! It was ten for a dollar. I mean, I'm only using two!"

[Camera man] "Oh, that's was like -"

[Auntie Fee] "Twenty cents! Okay, you see that? You got that brown like that there. Make it brown, don't burn it. Add you a little water to it. Just enough. Look at that, you see that? See, these people need to know what they doing when they cooking it. Just that much right there. Now, steak. This is about 50 cents worth of steak because I had it leftover from when I sold tacos last week. Had it in the freezer. So you put that steak all up in there. Okay. To make it look like it's really something you did, you put a little dried parsley in there on there like that. You got that?"

[Camera man] "Ya'll see all that?"

[Auntie Fee] "Yeah, so that give it some color like you got seasoning in it, which you really do. See there? So then, that's gonna cook down in like one second. And while that's cooking down, take these two packages that came with the soup, open them up in there, put them in there. Don't be scared cause there ain't nothing to it. Drop it in there, and all while I'm doing all this here, it's still cooking, right? Then you mix that soup seasoning up in there. I only did enough - now this is enough for like three people. But you know, you get them soups ten for a dollar, you can use five or six soups you know. So..."

[Camera man] "More people, more soups."

[Auntie Fee] "Right. And get that like that there. Now, some people like a little of hot sauce in theirs. Do you like hot sauce in yours?"

[Camera man] "Yeah."

[Auntie Fee] "Okay. So put a lot of hot sauce in there. You know. If you don't like hot sauce, it don't matter. Cause you want it a little spicy. Stir it up in there, make sure all your powdered soup is stir it up in there. Okay? Straighten it out like that there. Add you some cheese. My niece use a lot of cheese, but if you got fat people - kids and fat people like a lot of cheese. You know kids be in there hollering and shit? 'I want some meat! I want some meat!' Put on your clothes, get out your clothes - you don't even have to get out your clothes cause you see, you don't mess up nothing! You know, you don't mess up nothing. 'Sit there. Wait one second, one second, one second!' Watch and see, right quick. Watch. Have we been to fifteen minutes yet?"

[Camera man] "Four minutes."

[Auntie Fee] "That's all we did?"

[Camera man] "Yes ma'am."

[Auntie Fee] "Oh shit then. Okay, so this gonna cook. Let all the water cook all the way out of there. It should be right quick too. Just let me know when we get to, oh well, they don't know, but I'm gonna have to just tell them though. I do things when people don't have to waste a lot of money. Instead of adding the steak, I used the beef soup so I used steak. Okay, so if you use a chicken soup... Fuck it. Go to the Jim Dandy's or anywhere. Don't go to Kentucky Fried Chicken, they got little pieces of chicken. Jim Dandy got big breasts. Take one breast, cut that motherfucker up in here, you done. One breast. You know what I'm saying? So that's if you use chicken. But if you use shrimp, get you a bag of little ol' tiny shrimp, and you got it going on.

Now look at that. When you don't see no water at the bottom, look at this. See no water at the bottom? This bitch is ready!"