Felicia A. O'Dell (May 7, 1957-March 17, 2017) is better known by her stage name Auntie Fee. She preferred​ to be called Fee instead of simply just Auntie or the full nickname. Her interests were cooking, and began a YouTube channel in July 2014 as a way to show the public how to cook a meal at a minimum cost. The beloved internet star passed away on March 17, 2017 and will be missed.

Early LifeEdit

Fee was born Yuma, Arizona but moved to South Los Angeles, California, and lived there with her family at the time of her passing. She was married to Tommy Hunter, and had one child with him, her son Tavis, who often filmed her videos. She attended John C. Fremont High School in South Central. By age 9, she had mastered several of her father's recipes. She became pregnant with the oldest of her three sons at 15 years old. Her father, who she said would "cuss, cuss, cuss, but gave you everything he got.", never forgave her for getting pregnant at age 15. Unfortunately, Fee became addicted to drugs and spent time in an Arkansas prison for operating a drug ring outside her home. But after being released from prison, Fee became sober, opened a housekeeping business and moved back to South LA.[1]

Career BeginningsEdit

Fee rose to fame via social media overnight, after uploading her video for "Sweet Treats," a recipe made with crescent rolls, butter, sugar-cinnamon, and raisins. She was praised for her explicit videos and "sassy" attitude. The video gained over 500 thousand views overnight and is Auntie Fee's most popular video.

The video was discovered by talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and she was later featured on his show "Jimmy Kimmel Live." She appeared on his show many times, featuring a new recipe each time.

Social MediaEdit

Personal InformationEdit

"Auntie Fee keeps it completely 100% and does what she has to do for her family. Family is so important. Sometimes we take our loved ones for granted and we can live under the same roof and not say a word to each other all day... except maybe 'hi' and 'bye.' Auntie is not only doing what she has to do for her own family, but she's also helping families all around the world to at least come together and spend quality time in the kitchen creating memorable moments that last a lifetime."

-Auntie Fee, Facebook


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